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  Yashraj Biotechnology Limited based in Navi Mumbai, India, is engaged in Research & Development and Manufacturing of native, cell-derived and recombinant proteins; monoclonal & polyclonal antibodies; and diagnostic kits invites applications for Team Leaders in the following disciplines:
  Job Opening for Senior Manager: International Marketing 
  Job Opening for Molecular Biologist: Recombinant Group 
  Job Opening for Protein Chemist: Native Antigen 
  Job Opening for Senior Manager: In-vitro Diagnostics 
  Job Opening for Senior Scientist: Biomarker Discovery 
  Senior Manager: International Marketing
  Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd., an in-vitro diagnostic company, is expanding its basket of products as well as its marketing group to promote sale of wide range of antigens and antibodies for a variety of disease states. The company is poised for significant growth during the next five years and is looking for Marketing Manager, to promote business. Candidates looking for creative challenge in a small but with positive corporate culture would find an attractive place to associate with. The Marketing Manager will develop the strategies for marketing of reagents such as antigens and antibodies for diagnostic tests and execute those plans to achieve the projected goals.
  Desired profile:
  The candidate, M. Sc/B. Tech, and MBA with International Marketing, should have at least 10 years of experience in international marketing and sales of in-vitro diagnostic products and devices and pharmaceuticals. In addition, knowledge of in-vitro diagnostic market with good contacts with related in-vitro diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies worldwide is essential. Fluency in Chinese or Japanese or German languages, in addition to that in English, will be an additional advantage.
  Posts Email Id: marketing@yashrajbio.com
  Molecular Biologist: Recombinant Group
  The primary responsibility of the group is to produce recombinant proteins for in-vitro application. The scientists would focus on designing and implementing novel cloning strategies, sub-cloning genes, generating stable yeast and mammalian cell lines, optimizing cell growth and protein expression systems. The candidate would also focus on continuous process improvement and implementation of new technologies.
  M.Sc. in Biotechnology or Life Sciences with ten years of research experience or Ph.D. with five years of post-doctoral research and production related experience in related field. Broad knowledge and practical experience working with mammalian and yeast cell culture systems and protein expression systems is essential. Industrial experience would be preferred.
  Posts Email Id: ybl.career@gmail.com
  Protein Chemist: Native Antigen
  The job responsibilities include isolation and purification of proteins from human biological fluids. The scope of work would include identification of purification strategies, without compromising with the immunological functions of the protein and optimizing of purification processes to obtain stable protein. Experience in characterization of purified proteins, understanding of structure-function relationship and bio-informatics desirable.
  Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biotechnology or Chemical Engineering with five years of post-doctoral research experience in related field. Industrial experience would be preferred.
  Posts Email Id: ybl.career@gmail.com
  Senior Manager: In-vitro Diagnostics
  The Senior Manager would help in research, development and manufacturing of point-of-care and/or ELISA kits, reagents and procedures for various diseases. He will also lead business aspects of internally-developed reagents and those procured from other sources.
  Master in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Life Sciences or Chemical Engineering. Minimum five years of hands on industrial experience in molecular diagnostics, diagnostics, and IVD product development. The laboratory skill essential for this job include: lateral flow assay development, antibody conjugation, immunoassay development etc. In-depth knowledge of product development process leading to development of number of POC tests for various diseases is essential.
  Posts Email Id: ybl.career@gmail.com
  Senior Scientist: Biomarker Discovery
  The selected candidate would be responsible for initiating, directing and executing research to develop new disease markers in the broad area of Oncology. He/She should be technically experienced and have the vision to identify strategies to pursue research in this area. As a Team Leader would be responsible for providing guidance to the other team staff in planning and execution of daily laboratory work.
  M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology or Life Sciences with minimum 10 years of experience in biomarker research. Candidates with Ph.D with 5 years of post-doctoral experience preferably working for an industry, would be preferred. Candidate should preferably be experienced in tissue microarrays, DNA sequencing and characterization of identified biomarkers.
  Posts Email Id: ybl.career@gmail.com
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