Antibody Phage Display Library

Recombinant Antibodies development using Synthetic Single Domain Antibody Phage Display Library

Owing to the growing demand of diagnostics antibodies, in relatively large quantities and shorter lead times, alternate routes to antibody production by hybridoma technology had to be considered, prompting YBL to foray into the recombinant antibody development technology.

We have ventured into recombinant monoclonal antibody development and manufacturing for which synthetic Camelid Single Domain Antibody (also referred as VHH or Nanobody)  phage display library is being developed by us. It would offer quick, efficient and cost effective customized antibody discovery and manufacturing services to our esteemed customers.


#  Camelid SdAb (VHH) Synthetic Library of >1010 independent clones

#  Controlled CDR mutagenesis using TRIM technology

#  Library with 12 variables lengths of CDR3 between 6 – 20 amino acids to cover maximum diversity

# Fast turnover time for discovery – 8-10 weeks

# Flexibility in antibody format and engineering – Easy re-formating to make Human/rabbit/Mouse Fc – fused complete antibody, Bi-specific and multivalent antibody format.

Target areas – Diagnostics biomarkers for Cancer, Cardiac, Neurological, Autoimmunity, Infectious diseases and Veterinary diagnostics.