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Progress is not how we grow; it is about how we make a difference in lives of others! This is our guiding principle at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited (YBL). Established in 1999 as a research focused Biotech Company with ISO certifications ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015, YBL manufactures a wide range of high pure biomarkers in the form of native and recombinant antigens that are used by the diagnostic industry as controls, calibrators and immunogens. Our Antigens are purified as high pure and part pure and customized using our in-house developed methodology.

For more than two decades, our flagship products of CRP, Cancer Antigens and HBsAg-Ad, HBsAg-Ay, NGAL, rSLO and rProlactin have routinely passed quality audits of leading global diagnostic manufacturers. With an emphasis on long term stability and specificity, our antigens are tested in multiple platforms for quality by Immunonephelometry, Immunoturbidimetry, Latex Agglutination, ECLIA and ELISA to ensure batch to batch consistency and by US-FDA approved CLIA and PCR for compliance and safety. Our procurement teams have created a pan India network to access bio-medical fluid in order to ensure timely delivery of quality antigens to our clients with added benefits of consistency, customization and quality.

We at YBL, strive for bringing together scientific innovation, medical research and cutting edge technology to favorably impact the entire continuum of medical care

Come and join us at YBL in our quest to make diagnostics affordable and accessible

A journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step – How it all started at YBL?

In 1999, a shared passion for science and research, brought three thoroughbred professionals together. Mr. Arvind Bhanushali, Mr. Bharat Dagha and Mr. Paresh Bhanushali laid the foundation of YBL, with a few dedicated employees. While the beginning was humble, the passion was immense and the intent was to set a new benchmark, in the in-vitro diagnostic segment.

YBL – A legacy of commitment and exponential growth

With a clear vision and roadmap, the dedicated efforts of the team bore fruit and YBL kept going from strength to strength, scaling one milestone of success after another, over the last 20 years. Today, the company is a name to reckon with, an undisputed leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of diagnostic reagents and has emerged as one of the leading players in the IVD market globally.

World-class quality for unmatched outcomes

Stringent and consistent quality assurance and quality control as per global accreditation standards and easy customization of services to clients’ needs form the core of our operational excellence. YBL’s greatest strengths are its robust scientific and operational teams, who deliver every project with utmost customer centricity and scientific rigor. To know more about our quality assurance, quality control, accreditations and certifications

Diversification and Expansion

YBL’s offerings have been further diversified and expanded, to facilitate and expedite the process of drug discovery and pre-clinical research. YBL’s conviction is that our latest launch of pre-clinical cancer model platforms, based on iPSC technology, holds great potential in accelerating the new drug screening process. With this new tool, bio-pharma companies can simplify and speed-up manifold, the process of pre-clinical and clinical trials. To know more about our contract research and contract manufacturing capabilities

Global footprint

With a two decade long journey of supplying a comprehensive range of diagnostic products and services, YBL is proud to have the status of preferred partner with most of their customers globally. The company successfully services clients across 15 European countries, 10 nations across the Asia Pacific and Mid-East and North America. With regional offices in Berlin, Seoul and San Diego and sprawling, well equipped Headquarters in Navi Mumbai; YBL has casted an impressive global footprint.

With YBL as your partner in IVD, you can surely expect more!

YBL – Your One-Stop, Solution for IVD!

Most comprehensive range of products and services, customized solution packages, customer centricity and quality control compliant to global
accreditation – all that is just the tip of the iceberg!!

Latest News

Polyclonal Antibody Production

As part of our expansion strategy, we established our Goat Farm Facility at Karjat (Maharashtra, India) in April, 2022 for the production of polyclonal antibodies. This facility has a capacity of more than 1000 goats.

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