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Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd. (YBL) is a leading player in life science and diagnostic arena. Founded in 1999 in India, the company has grown to establish global footprint in USA, Germany and South Korea. Recently, the Company has also entered the Integrated Drug Discovery and Development (IDD) sector. YBL has developed pre-clinical platforms, offering end-to-end solutions for drug discovery and development including target identification and lead validation, drug efficacy testing, safety profiling, target expansion as well as disease modelling.

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Our isogenic primary cancer/induced pluripotent stem cell-based 2D/3D models along with an extensive bio-repository of healthy and cancer bio-specimens provide comprehensive answers to complex drug discovery integrated projects. YBL’s robust CRISPR gene editing platform along with Xenograft Models makes us standout in comparison to our competitors. Additionally, we also offer customization of all our IDD products & services to suit the client requirements. Overall, YBL strives to develop the best drug discovery tools and advance healthcare for making a healthier world.

Welcome to Yashraj Biotechnology LTD
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