Disease Modeling

Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd. (YBL) offers disease modeling services for accelerating your drug discovery efforts and overcome the challenges faced in procuring donor patient samples. YBL’s diseased models enable our clients to study a range of human diseases in the lab by conducting vital preclinical candidate selection through efficacy studies of lead candidates in cell-based and animal disease models. The availability of in-house developed, third-party validated iPSC lines coupled with gene editing techniques can provide insights into the molecular basis and mechanisms of human diseases. YBL also provides custom in vitro & in vivo disease modeling services in different organ systems. The animals used for diseased modeling studies are provided by certified animal suppliers. All study protocols and animal use are approved by IACUC. Our comprehensive list of models allows our clients to choose the most appropriate models to test promising candidates and optimize lead generation.

Why hire YBL for Disease Modeling services?

  • Biologically relevant iPSC-derivatives from a diverse set of healthy and diseased donors
  • CRISPR gene edited iPSC lines to create disease genotype with isogenic controls
  • High purity and rigorous quality control testing to ensure strict adherence to performance parameters
  • iPSC-derived diseased organoid models for high throughout safety and efficacy testing
  • End-to-end disease model construction and validation
  • CRISPR gene-edited innovative models to fit specific project requirements
Check out our list of products & services that can support your disease modeling projects: