Human Development

Member Induction

A two-day programme where new members are introduced to the culture and practises of YBL.

On the Job Training Learning

Learning starts from the ground up. Each Member goes through a 15-day on-the-job training programme.

Workout sessions

Workout sessions are an anonymous platform to make your voice heard and make YBL the best place to work.

Internship & PhD Programmes

YBL offers 6 months internship opportunities and on the job training to challenge talent beyond their comfort zone as human potential is limitless. YBL is affiliated by the University of Mumbai to enrol students for PhD Degree.

Great Place to work

Yashraj is certified as a Great Place to Work from Jan. 2022 to Jan. 2023.

Performance Evaluation

Members are encouraged to express their opinion and not conformance through a fair performance evaluation process.

Job Rotation

For enriching job experiences and broadening horizons leading to systematic career progression.