Life at YBL

Life at YBL revolves around the way we conduct ourselves with others in the organization. Respectful communication with each other reflects an ideal culture at YBL. We value YBL family members, customers, suppliers, and external community

YBL – The Family you choose

Learning & Development

“The wise keep learning continuously, while the knowledgeable stop at some point of time.” – J. M. Sampath

      • At YBL we provide Continuous learning to drive innovation and make healthier world
      • Through the year training programmes across all levels
      • Online Learning Courses
      • Offsite learning and exposure trips (India and Overseas)
      • Learning is an integral part of performance appraisals

It’s Our Responsibility to deliver extra along with Basic Benefits

Empowering members to enhance productivity.

Power to say Yes

Power to say YES is with members and power to say NO is with the Chairman as a consequence of 48 hours escalation. We encourage members to utilize the power to say “Yes” in the interest of YBL

48 Hours Rule

For speedy decision making process it is required that members should take decision immediately (not more than 48 hours), if it falls under their power matrix or can escalate the same to decision maker as per power matrix. At each stage decision within 48 hours’ matrix is applicable till the Chairman level. This needs to be followed by each member in true letter and spirit.