Name Canine C- Reactive Protein (cCRP)
What is cCRP C-reactive protein belongs to the pentraxin family of proteins and is also known as an acute phase reactant. It is produced by the hepatic cells in liver following response from macrophages and adipocytes. While in canine CRP, two out of the five cCRP subunits are glycosylated, human CRP has no glycans.
What is it used for? It is an important marker of inflammation and injury.
Source Canine Fluids
Purity High pure (SDS-PAGE)
Testing method Turbilatex and Western Blot
Stability 2 years (Real time)
Storage -20 °C
Molecular weight ~25 KDa
Viral testing Negative for HBs-Ag, Anti-HCV and Anti-HIV I & II using CLIA (US-FDA approved) and for absence of viral DNA/RNA for HBV, HIV and HCV using PCR.