Name Transferrin (Iron rich) or Holo Transferrin
What is Transferrin (Iron rich) Transferrin is a glycoprotein present in the blood and is encoded by the TF gene. It binds to iron and transports it throughout the body. This is bound to iron.
What is it used for A transferrin test directly measures the level of iron in the blood and a high level of transferrin suggests iron-deficiency anemia whereas a lower level indicates hemolytic anemia and liver diseases.
Source Human Plasma
Purity High pure (SDS-PAGE and Activity/TP ratio)
Testing method Immunoturbidimetry
Stability 2 years (Accelerated)
Storage – 20°C
Viral testing Negative for HBs-Ag, Anti-HCV and Anti-HIV I & II using CLIA (US-FDA approved) and for absence of viral DNA/RNA for HBV, HIV and HCV using PCR