Our Vision
Be the key player in Life Sciences – Diagnostics and drive innovation for making a Healthier World.
Our Values

At YBL, we have always believed in achieving our goals by following the values. Values are the principles that give our life meaning and allow us to persevere through adversity and inspire us to keep going when the going gets tough.

Values act as an essential guide to everything that we do at YBL. What we want, what values we follow or what we are willing to give up for a cause, have always been clear to us and non-negotiable since inception. As a result, it is important to give a brief description of the values we have always followed.


We always honor o:ur given commitments to the utmost by not overpromising.


We will be consistently consistent in delivering products and services.


We create opportunities for our customers, employees and community to speak their mind and have their ideas, opinions and feelings heard and offer them fair solutions – so all can win.


We strive for excellence by constantly innovating our products, services and processes and thereby live our motto – A Bio-quest forever.

Responsible Business 

We will always do what is right. Profit center conflicts will never get in the way of doing what is right. We will always follow all the laws of the land in spirit and set the highest standards for our products/ services, thereby contributing for making a healthier world.

Life at YBL
Life at YBL revolves around the way we conduct ourselves and our behavior with others in the organization. Respectful communication with each other reflects an ideal culture at YBL. We value YBL family members, customers, suppliers, and the external community as described below.

YBL – The Family you choose

  • I will always have human touch in all my decisions.
  • I will respect people, value diversity and provide everyone an equal opportunity to grow. I firmly believe that protecting underperformers is not in the interest for all.
  • I am open to listen, search and apply the best ideas regardless of their source.
  • At YBL my work will speak for itself. I will give credit where credit is due. Will never claim others ideas as mine.
  • I will treat others as I wanted to be treated. I firmly believe that only I can hurt myself.


  • I will not crave for certainty and will take thoughtful risks. Together we can change the future.
  • I will have courage to take unpopular decisions and gut calls and will own and solve the problems I face.
  • I will disown the five friends i.e., Excuse, Reasons, Because, Rationalism and Yes but.
  • I will never be defensive about errors and admit my mistakes and learn from the same.
  • I am aware that “Finding Remedy is Better Communication and Key to Success”.


  • I am transparent in my dealings. To have clarity – I will never presume and act but always clarify and act.
  • I will be a team player, as an individual I’m a drop and together an ocean. Team with the best players usually wins.
  • I will not choose silence over what is right, as frank debate leads to well informed decisions.
  • I believe that there is no substitute for smart as well as hard work and I need not do everything myself, as empowering is important for succession plan in place.
  • I believe that when personal needs are not met i.e., financial, power, respect, recognition etc. people struggle to live and demonstrate values in daily working. I will look into this aspect while dealing with people.


  • I will not have pre conceived notions about anyone and will trust everyone. I listen to understand not to reply.
  • I am aware that at YBL I am my own boss, what I do every moment today will influence my future.
  • I have the ability to take appropriate actions and decisions in any given situation which helps me to remain context specific.
  • I do what I say, and I say what I do i.e. “I always walk the talk”.
  • I believe that learning is a two-way process and it is each one’s responsibility to multiply the learning, as knowledge multiplies when it is shared. Knowledge free from misconceptions and rumors, can act as force multiplier.


  • I am involved fully in whatever I do and will always walk that extra mile.
  • I accept that change is the way of life and status quo is not good for growth.
  • I can learn anything and can challenge myself beyond my comfort zone, as human potential is limitless and I can decide my own destiny.
  • I may fall but I will rise every time I fall, to become the biggest contributor in my own growth.
  • I am happy to be a part of YBL team as purpose + happiness leads to a fulfilling life i.e., for making a Healthier World.