Driven by Vision, Built by Values


Our Team Is Our Competitive Advantage and Our Biggest Strength

Family with  responsbility

Elevate your IVD manufacturing with YBL's world-class bulk solutions, shaping the future of diagnostic technology, and redefining diagnostics in a transformative partnership.

At YBL, all members are considered part of the family and are encouraged to take responsibility for driving innovation towards a healthier world. Members are their own boss and are empowered to make bold decisions, as the power to say yes to any idea is with each member. Disagreements between members are actively encouraged, and any member who disagrees with a decision can escalate it to the next level within 48 hours. YBL values courage, clarity, walking the talk, passion, and customer-centricity, and these values are reflected in the policies that enable YBL to be a place "Where Ideas Meet Action"
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Empowering Growth and Development at YBL

Orientation Program

Discover YBL's culture and practices in our immersive two-day introduction

On-the-Job Training

Start your journey from the ground up with our 15-day training program.

Voice Matters

Join our anonymous workout sessions to shape YBL as the best place to work.

Unleash Potential

Elevate your skills with 6-month internships, on-the-job training, and Biotechnology PhD opportunities through our University of Mumbai affiliation.

Unlock your true potential

Life at YBL revolves around the way we conduct ourselves and our behaviour with others in the organization. We believe in a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and excellence. Our policies and processes are centered around bringing the best out of the source of our biggest strength: Our Members

Job Rotations

For enriching job experiences and broadening horizons leading to systematic career progression

Internship Opportunities

YBL offers 6 months internship opportunities and on the job training to challenge talent beyond their comfort zone as human potential is limitless

PhD Programme

YBL is affiliated with University of Mumbai and provides interested members an opportunity to enroll for PhD Degree Course in Biotechnology

Feedback Platform

Multiple feedback platforms are created to listen to our members voices and keep our member policies relevant and dynamic

Journal Clubs & Scientific Presentations

Our technical teams are regularly encouraged to be abreast of the latest scientific developments and discuss the latest innovations

Hear from Our Biggest Strength - Our Members

Hear from some of the amazing people who are innovating with us.
"When I joined YBL, I was a small-town girl with limited experience. 16 years later, the sky is the limit."
"I took a break from work to start my family. Then I joined YBL and found another one."
"I chose loyalty as the biggest asset from my career. YBL proved that i took the correct decision"
"My vision is to use my knowledge to help the society get better. I am glad YBL sees the world through the same lens"
"YBL helped me build a house in my village. They have also built a home in my heart."
"When I joined YBL, I was a small-town girl with limited experience. 16 years later, the sky is the limit."