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Contract Research

With over 2 decades of experience in the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) space, our technical team of 100+ scientists is committed to making sure that we can provide you with the right product that is tailor made as per your specific needs

With a legacy of working closely with our customers to customize products specifically for them, our teams have the capability to develop and produce :

  • Native antigens for use in diverse biological applications

  • Recombinant antigens using various expression systems (Bacterial, Mammalian, Baculovirus etc.)

  • Monoclonal antibodies via hybridoma and recombinant methods, from mice, rabbits and camelid systems

  • Polyclonal antibodies from goats and rabbits

  • Molecular diagnostic enzymes

Our team is also specialized to carry out research services using our capabilities in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Reach out to us to know more about our capabilities and discuss how best we can support your research

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These R&D capabilities are supported by large scale manufacturing facilities for efficient scale up upto any desired quantity. Read more about our contract manufacturing services here

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Contract manufacturing

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With decades of expertise in bulk manufacturing, supported by our world class infrastructure, we understand your need to outsource manufacturing. When you partner with us, you get full access to our operations and research teams, with decades of experience. Our endeavor is to ensure that our “contract” becomes a pact for a long-term relationship

We have successfully executed even the most challenging of projects in the IVD reagents and stem cell research domains. From grams to kilogram quantities, we have achieved successful scale ups of key proteins that are utilized by our customers. Our manufacturing is ably supported by our robust Quality Systems that ensures each batch to batch consistency and stability. Read more about our quality systems here. Our manufacturing solutions guarantee minimum turn around time, speedy delivery, high efficiency, compliance, and easy customization. Get in touch and let us understand your diagnostics and research needs

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