About Yashraj Biotechnology Limited (YBL)

We are a research and innovation driven, UL registered and ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, established in 1999 at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We have operations in Germany, USA and soon in South Korea. Our research, development and production-related activities encompass a whole range of native, recombinant and cell-derived antigens; and monoclonal antibodies. Highest standards of quality and unwavering commitment towards healthcare innovation have enabled us to capture some of the biggest market segments for various biomarker antigens and antibodies it develops.






Chairman’s Message
Arvind Bhanushali
Yashraj Biotechnology Limited

Progress is not how we grow; it is about how we make a difference in the lives of others

This has been our guiding principle at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited (YBL) over the last 20 years. When I, Mr. Bharat Dagha and Dr. Paresh Bhanushali set this company with the vision  “To be the best in the diagnostic field and make diagnostics affordable and easily available to the common man” we were met with a lot of challenges. Our unwavering faith in our vision lead us to overcome these challenges and make YBL one of the top biotech company in India.

There was a myth surrounding Indian biotech companies that they could not supply quality products. We were initially met with a lot of skepticism when we went to the leading international diagnostic companies with our products. We surprised them with our continuous commitment to all the required quality specifications. It is my privilege to say that we have been serving these companies for over a decade now and have successfully established that Indian companies can timely support them with the desired quality and quantity.

We have come a long way, on account of our hard work and firm belief in our values. Our determination and drive to achieve new milestones are undeniable proof of our resolve. We look forward to serving internal as well as external customers for the foreseeable future and thus fulfill our goal of making diagnostics easily available to the common man.

Come and join us at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited in our quest to make diagnostics easily affordable and accessible!