Our Areas of Expertise

  • R&D and production of native proteins as per customers choice
  • R&D and production of recombinant antigens through various expression systems (Bacteria, Mammalian, Yeast or Baculovirus)
  • Monoclonal antibody development as per customers specification
  • Customization of concentration, buffer, purity of antigens
  • QC testing (Stress test, Diluent study and low concentration study) as per customer’s specification

Message from
the Technical Director
Dr. Paresh Bhanushali

Progress is not how we grow; it is about how we make a difference in lives of others!

This is our guiding principle at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited (YBL). Established in 1999 as a research focused Biotech Company and with ISO certifications ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015, YBL manufactures a wide range of high pure biomarkers in the form of Native and Recombinant Antigens that are used by the diagnostic industry as Controls, Calibrators and Immunogens. Our Antigens are purified as high pure and part pure and customized using our in- house developed methodology. For 20 years, our flagship products of CRP, Cancer Antigens and HBsAg-Ad, HBsAg-Ay have routinely passed quality audits of leading global diagnostic manufacturers. With an emphasis on long term stability and specificity, our antigens are tested in multiple platforms for quality by Immunonephelometry, Immunoturbidimetry, Latex Agglutination, ECLIA and ELISA to ensure batch to batch consistency and by PCR and US-FDA approved CLIA for compliance and safety. Our project management teams have created a pan India network to access bio-medical fluid in order to ensure timely delivery of quality Antigens to our clients with added benefits of consistency, customization, and quality and also allows for bulk reservation of approved batches. Let us understand your specific requirements of purity, buffer and stability to provide you with the best quality Antigens corroborated through customer audits.

Come and join us at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited in our quest to make diagnostics affordable and accessible!

Technical Director,
Dr. Paresh Bhanushali
Yashraj Biotechnology Limited

Our Team

Advantages of partnering with us:

  • Use of our technical & project management teams
  • Reduced cost of procurement & manufacturing
  • Lower R&D costs with competitive edge for new antigens
  • Low-cost business expansion
  • Backward or forward integration
  • Availability of extensive space at existing and new site