Our Areas of Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Research, development and large scale production of native proteins customized to meet customer’s specifications, for use in diverse biological applications (as controls, calibrators, immunogens etc.).
  • Research, development and large scale production of recombinant antigens using various expression systems (Bacteria, Mammalian, Baculovirus etc.), in standard form or customized as per customer specifications, for use in diverse biological applications (as controls, calibrators, immunogens etc.).
  • Development and large scale production of monoclonal antibodies meeting customer’s specifications, for use in diverse biological applications (as capture antibodies in immunoassays etc.).
  • Customization of concentration, buffer formulation and purity of native and recombinant antigens, as per design specifications.
  • Quality control and stability testing (Stress test, diluent study and low concentration study) as per customer specifications.

Message from
the Technical Director
Dr. Paresh Bhanushali

“Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision to Try” Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd. (YBL) was established in 1999 with a vision to utilize the genetic and geographic diversity within the huge population of India to develop purified protein biomarkers that are representative of all possible disease sub-types in masses for use by the global diagnostic industry as Controls, Calibrators and Immunogens. Our project management teams have worked painstakingly over the years to carve out a hospital network pan India for the collection of human biomedical fluid(s) for the development of Native protein biomarkers. With an aim to reduce dependency on human biomedical fluid alone and with a vision to create an alternative source of development for these high-in-demand biomarker antigens, YBL incorporated the Recombinant and Cell-culture divisions subsequently.

The underlying culture that has been common to all R&D divisions at YBL is the attention to details and quality, which also happens to be driving our core principles. Being true to our vision and principles, YBL has established robust quality and safety management systems compliant with ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. For 20 years, our products have routinely passed quality audits of leading global diagnostic manufacturers. With an emphasis on long term stability and specificity, our antigens are tested in multiple platforms for quality by Immunonephelometry, Immunoturbidimetry, Latex Agglutination, ECLIA and ELISA to ensure batch to batch consistency and by PCR and US-FDA approved CLIA for compliance and safety. Our wide-spread biomedical fluid collection network ensures timely development and delivery of high quality antigens to our clients with added benefits of consistency, customization, and quality, while allowing bulk reservation of approved batches. Let us understand your specific product requirements to provide you with the best quality, customized antigens within shortest lead times.

Come and join us at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited in our quest to make diagnostics affordable and accessible!

Technical Director,
Dr. Paresh Bhanushali
Yashraj Biotechnology Limited

Our Team

Advantages of partnering with us:

  • Get high quality products at competitive pricing, due to reduced cost of procurement & manufacturing
  • Engage with and utilize our technical & project management teams with extensive domain expertise
  • Get desired products at required quantities in shortest lead time 
  • Lower R&D costs for customized development of new antigens
  • Robust backward as well as forward integration
  • Round the clock support from our customer care/ quality assurance and marketing teams
  • Benefit from our global presence and strong business ties and corporate network