Human Cryopreserved Tumor & Adjacent Normal Tissue

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Human Cryopreserved Tumor & Adjacent Normal Tissue

The progress and promise of biomedical research are reliant on high-quality human tissue samples. Human tissues help researchers in understanding complex disease mechanisms & pathways and developing diagnostic techniques, future therapies, & treatment protocols. Cryopreserved tissues are prepared by storing the fresh tumor tissue in special cryopreservation media in liquid nitrogen to maintain its viability. Post-thawing, the tumor or the adjacent normal tissue can be reviewed and used to derive primary cells or implant as xenograft in mice models for translational research

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Donor Status


Characterization Criteria

Tissue weight, donor age, sex, ethnicity, weight, height, smoking status, tissue source, other information


1 tissue piece (~ 0.5 grams*) per vial


Liquid Nitrogen

Note - Donors are screened for HIV ½, HBV and HCV viral markers before surgery. * Tissue weight might differ from donor to donor depending on tumor size.

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Human Cryopreserved Tumor & Adjacent Normal Tissue

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