iPSC-Derived Hepatocytes Like Cells – YBLiHepato

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iPSC-Derived Hepatocytes Like Cells – YBLiHepato

YBLiHepato, our iPSC-derived hepatocytes, present a compelling profile of features tailored for a wide range of applications. These versatile cells exhibit heightened sensitivity to hepatotoxic compounds, making them a valuable asset in drug toxicity studies. They actively engage in LDL uptake, confirming the presence of intact LDL receptors vital for lipid metabolism. Furthermore, YBLiHepato showcases functional maturation through active urea production, faithfully mimicking authentic hepatocyte behavior. The preservation of Cytochrome P450 (Cyp) activity, as highlighted by LCMS/MS analysis, ensures their reliability in drug metabolism and safety assessments. RT-qPCR analysis emphasizes the expression of key hepatic markers related to maturation, transport, and lipid metabolism. YBLiHepato emerges as a versatile and dependable choice for research spanning hepatotoxicity, drug metabolism, and hepatic research

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iPSC-Derived Hepatocytes Like Cells – YBLiHepato

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